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home-5aBuilding your dream home can be a reality when you have the right building contractor in Greensboro, NC. With so many important decisions and all the details that go into planning a custom home, finding a reputable building contractor who listens and will partner with you to help realize your vision is important. Chris Clement Homebuilders manages each project with precise attention to quality and detail and has exceptional and responsive customer service. As a top Greensboro contractor, Chris Clement has the experience to know which quality features and materials can help increase the custom home’s value.

Creating a Vision for Your New Home

When you are thinking about your dream home, there some helpful questions to ask yourself, to guide you towards the final floor plan and specifications. According to, the first question is to ask yourself what the future home will look like:

List out everything it has. From what shape it is, to how many rooms it has to what kind of views the kitchen window looks out to. But also include not-so-physical things, to how it makes you feel, how it motivates you and more. How often you fill it up with guests or whether or not you’re the one doing all the DIY projects or hiring someone. I suggest splitting this question’s answers into two columns: (1) what you absolutely can’t live without, and (2) the features you’d be willing to budge on.

Thinking about your dream home so fully will help you better envision what you love, and knowing what you’re willing to budge on will keep you from missing out on a great dream home just because it isn’t “perfect.”

Picture your friends and family coming into your home and what type of environment and space do you envision? Would an open floor plan be ideal for you so you can socialize in the kitchen, yet still be able to be a part of what is going on in the living room? Is a large, open gourmet kitchen important so you can cook and entertain in style? There are many features and details that contribute to a home’s atmosphere. Chris Clement Homebuilders can help you with all the decisions and bring your dream of a beautiful custom home to life.

What Features Do You Enjoy Now That You Also Want in Your New Home?

If you enjoy having a built-in bookshelf, a deck or front porch, be sure to include these features in your dream home design. There may be areas of your home now that are exactly right, and you want to be sure that your new custom home has the same features. The areas of your home should be included in your plan when you discuss it with building contractors in Greensboro NC according to

Have you managed to carve out enough room for dinner parties thanks to your serious space maximizing skills? Do you love how your home makes your feel? It’s good to take stock of what you love about your home now and make sure it’s on the dream home list.”

Chris Clement Homebuilders can help you to include all of the features and quality design components for your new, custom home in the Greensboro and Summerfield, NC areas, including Oak Ridge. Contact our new home design team at 336-558-3515 to start planning your new, dream home today.

(Source: Mapping Out Your Dream Home: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself,, 2015)

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