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Stay on Budget with Your Custom Greensboro NC Home

home-4aWhen it comes to custom homebuilding, preparing a budget is an important first step. The primary purpose of preparing a budget is to understand and control costs. Knowing your spending limits and generating a home building budget help to keep you out of financial difficulty on your project, especially during the preparation of your plans and specifications. Next, finding one of the best homebuilders in Greensboro is essential to making sure that your custom home construction stays on budget and is completed on time. Thoughtful deliberation in choosing a builder can assure that the amount of time and money you will spend will result in a beautiful home that you can enjoy for years.

Chris Clement Homebuilders understands that it is possible to achieve your vision for your new home and stay on budget. An inexperienced builder may not adequately budget enough to cover some of the less readily apparent costs of new construction. One of the best ways to control your budget and to reduce the consequences of unforeseen expenses is hiring a reliable, honest builder with plenty of experience and good, responsive customer service like Chris Clement Homebuilders. Serving the Triad area of North Carolina, they maintain exceptionally high standards of construction and customer service.

Budgeting Tips for Your Greensboro, NC Home

How can you make sure that you do not go over budget during a custom home construction? There are various ways to stick to your budget during a new home construction according to

Identify the pieces within your budget. Clients often don’t identify all of the pieces of the budget. Sure, the largest piece might be the construction costs, but there will be many other costs. They can include land costs, legal fees, moving, decorating, landscaping, impact fees, architectural fees, permit costs and financing costs. At the outset, identify all of your potential costs and assign each a value. It would be a shame to finish the house but have no money left for landscaping or furniture.

Know thyself. If you just have to have that beautiful range that costs as much as a new luxury car, don’t budget for the generic range from the local appliance store. Think about what you really want and how you really want to use the home you’re creating, and make sure you’ve budgeted for it.

Expect to splurge. In the budget, allow for the few places where you’ll want to splurge. For example, the kitchen backsplash is a place you may want to do something truly special and remarkable. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the backsplash is something you’ll see several times a day for many years. Even if it costs a significant amount, allow yourself to splurge a little on something you’ll enjoy.

Have a plan.  It’s easier said than done, but preparing a plan and sticking to it is the best way to stay on track.

Consider tradeoffs. Sometimes it’s difficult, if not impossible, to pass by that truly remarkable item that you find during the project that’s not in the budget. When this happens, take a look at your budget and what you have left to accomplish, with the goal of reducing the cost of something else to afford this new find. Is there a part of the work, such as painting a few rooms, that you can do yourself? Maybe you can use carpet in lieu of hardwood in the guest bedroom. Get what you want and stay on track by moving budgeted amounts from one pocket to another.

With careful planning and a reputable builder like Chris Clement Homebuilders, you can realize the home of your dreams and stay within your budget.You can be sure that building your home with Chris Clement Homebuilders is not only a safe decision but also a smart investment. Call today: 336-558-3515.

(Source: Home Building: 8 Ways to Stick to Your Budget,, 2015)

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